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sucker(s) or saint(s)

taking T = tempation, R = reward, P = punishment and S = sucker, this leads in general to a sub-optimal outcome, as the nash-equilibrium in for example the prisoner’s dilemma(s), unless we twist thr utility value function(s) to allow … Continue reading

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water on the street(s)

being for the first time in thailand, I realized that travelling is different from a holiday, it is more like research, or as I phrased it – I am not here to look at the monuments but for the water … Continue reading

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what I talk about …

looking back, I wonder what do I talk about when I talk about travelling? from g-note

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enjoying the nihilism of travel, I start wondering whether it is the minimalism of art that I like most, or the art of minimalism … from my g-note

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in my facebook status of 28/11/2011, I wrote: update(s): from minus four to forty degrees, from sea level to 4600 meters, through Thailand, Taiwan, China, Tibet area, Korea, now at south Thailand beach, on our way to Hong Kong, to … Continue reading

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about design

In Chinese there are various interpretations of the word – design — including: plan, decoration, pattern and concept. from g-note

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hello world?

Apart from reflections on the nihilism of travelling there is not much to add at this point, except perhaps the drawings I made with my g-note. While in Shanghai, I took the opportunity to explore my new gadget.

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