in my facebook status of 28/11/2011, I wrote: update(s): from minus four to forty degrees, from sea level to 4600 meters, through Thailand, Taiwan, China, Tibet area, Korea, now at south Thailand beach, on our way to Hong Kong, to celebrate new year, and possibly buy new (pen-enabled) gadgets, all in good health, especially our baby girl, who just became two years old, enjoying the nihilism of traveling …
However, with the new timeline of facebook, it seems to become harder to find things, or am I wrong, and does it become easier? Anyway, as I announced in topical media @ facebook I will check it out in HK, together with htc flyer and galaxy note, I bought my g-note, and observed that with the g-note, pen computing is back on track!
I am still enjoying it, and sharing my enthusiasm with the creative technology students, to whom I wrote — from behind the great (fire) wall, enjoying my g-note (recommended by Paulus Klerk): And indeed, now busy setting up a serious gaming course, apart from rooting, programming the thing will be my next challenge. However, travelling has it’s own appeal, or as I wrote in my status of 7/1/2012: enjoying the nihilism of travel, I start wondering whether it is the minimalism of art that I like most, or the art of minimalism…

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