after the travel(s) — one more time


We went to Malaga, where I presented my paper — serious games in a social context.
When the Game-On conference was finished, we took the train to Sevilla, to see some more of southern Spain.
After a year of traveling this should be an easy thing, but somehow I could not find my whereabouts, so to speak, and I kept longing to go back home, to study societal issues from a more safe intellectual distance instead of being confronted with a modernized Spain, which showed so many failing efforts to be green and responsible but where it proved hard in the end to find any decent tapas, as they used to be.
Shared bicycles combined with intensive traffic in the narrow streets. Combo-mania and an immense variety of menus in the mostly modernized bars, making the fast food places seem a relief of simplicity.
What was in the mind of the planners and policy makers when they sacrificed the old Spain, or is my memory failing me?
A final day at the beach, with sunshine, and the prospect of going home brought me in a better mood, and, just having read Interaction Ritual by Ervin Goffman, made me enjoy the chats over beer and chips in sunny Malaga.

from g-note

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