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china dream(s)

after a long trip we went back to shanghai, and as I reported in facebook … suffering from a mild traveller’s fatigue, I enjoy my time reading books, ranging from complex adaptive systems, sources of power in decision making, to … Continue reading

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tribal challenge(s) – 3

[from facebook] in summary: travel(s) in tribal china — a romantic challenge, indeed. and we enjoyed the tribal music — from our host in 大理: small path music from g-note

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taking note(s)

Due to visa problems, with as the main cause that the indian consulate officer did look at chinese people as — not clean, we decided to travel in china instead, in retrospect a good choice, since our daughter just entered … Continue reading

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sucker(s) or saint(s)

taking T = tempation, R = reward, P = punishment and S = sucker, this leads in general to a sub-optimal outcome, as the nash-equilibrium in for example the prisoner’s dilemma(s), unless we twist thr utility value function(s) to allow … Continue reading

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about design

In Chinese there are various interpretations of the word – design — including: plan, decoration, pattern and concept. from g-note

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